panini 2023 fifa promo codes sticker album digital women worldcup

FIFA panini digital sticker album promo codes 2023 free packs

Panini Digital Sticker Album Promo Codes, for a virtual web and mobile application, designed to elevate your enjoyment of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023. Drawing inspiration from the beloved sticker-collecting game that has captivated football enthusiasts for generations, the Panini Sticker Album is now accessible as an app on both Google Play and the Apple AppStore.

To access the web-based app, please visit:

Getting Started

No sign-up or registration is required to begin your Panini 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup Official Sticker Collection. You can dive right into the collecting experience as a guest!

If you wish to continue collecting on a different device and enjoy all the below features, you will need to create a FIFA account through the app. The ultimate objective remains unchanged: trade stickers with your friends to complete your virtual sticker album!

  • Start with 3 packs per FIFA account
  • 2 free packs every day
  • Open 5 packs per day
  • Create 3 swap requests
  • Participate in challenges
  • More packs via promo codes
  • Form a collectors team
fifa web sticker album panini

Obtaining Additional Packs

Each day, you will receive two complimentary packs to expand your collection. If you are playing as a guest, you will receive one pack. To acquire extra packs of stickers, you can enter specific promotional codes compiled on our website, discovered on the back of physical Panini stickers, FIFA’s social media platforms, and underneath the cap of select Coca-Cola products in specific countries.

panini 2023 fifa promo codes free packs digital women worldcup

Panini promo codes 2023

Here are the Panini Promo codes for 2023 virtual album. All codes are tried and working at the time of writing this post.

  • W4HP-21D2-K1J5
  • FWWC2023CODE
  • FIFA2023PLAY
  • PLAYFIFA2023
  • STAR2023CODE
  • FWWCAUNZ2023
  • 2023OPENPACK
panini digital sticker album promo codes

Get stickers on Amazon

FIFA 2023 Women’s World Cup Sticker Collection on Amazon

Coca cola bottle scan for extra stickers pack

coca cola product scan panini

Download the Panini sticker album app from Google Play store or Apple app store and scan the above picture to get extra pack. You can get extra pack once a day only.

Panini item scan for extra stickers pack

2023 panini promo codes

Use the above picture (digital album screenshot 😉) in scan a FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023 Panini album cover area to get a free bonus pack everyday.

So visit our site everyday to scan the above from your mobile app and get extra sticker pack. 😉

Golden stickers

Achieving a complete collection can be quite challenging, so cherish each sticker you receive. There are two methods to obtain golden stickers:

a) Special tasks are available for each slot in the album that contains a golden sticker, providing an opportunity to acquire them.

b) Activating a code for the first time in a 24-hour period carries a 20% chance of receiving a golden sticker.

Please note that golden stickers cannot be traded or exchanged.

Sticker Swaps

Similar to physical stickers, swapping is a crucial aspect of expanding your virtual Panini Sticker Album. The Swap Area, located at the bottom of your home screen, allows you to manage all your swaps and swap requests.

When logged in, you have the option to create up to three swap requests by tapping on the ‘+’ button. If you are playing as a guest, you can make one swap request. When initiating a swap request, you can select the individuals you wish to exchange stickers with.

You can either make the swap request open to all other players of the game or maintain privacy by exclusively swapping within your collector’s team.


The stickers in your virtual collection can also be used in challenges. Challenges include collecting specific stickers or entire groups, as well as entering promo codes or scanning promotional products. If you manage to complete the challenge before the deadline, you’ll get a reward!


If you do well as a collector, you’ll be rewarded with achievements. These are extra packs or stickers that you earn by reaching certain milestones. Your achievement will appear as badges in the ‘Achievements’ section of your virtual album.

Hope you got extra packs by using the above panini digital sticker album promo codes.

If you know any active code not in the above list, let us know in the comments and we will add it in the list.

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