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How to apply leather conditioner to boots in 4 easy steps

Leather conditioner is important for maintaining and protecting leather boots because leather is a natural material that can lose its moisture and oils over time. This can cause leather boots to dry out, crack, fade, or become brittle. Leather conditioner helps to restore the moisture and oils to leather boots and prevent them from deteriorating.

Some benefits of using leather conditioner are:

  • It enhances the color and appearance of leather boots by making them look richer and more vibrant.
  • It softens and smooths the leather surface by filling in any scratches or scuffs.
  • It strengthens and extends the lifespan of leather boots by preventing them from cracking or tearing.

By applying leather conditioner to your boots regularly, you can keep them looking good and lasting longer.

Follow the below steps on how to apply leather conditioner to boots and other leather materials:

Step 1: Clean your boots

Before applying leather conditioner, you need to remove any dirt, dust, or debris from your boots. You can use a scrub brush, a damp cloth, or a leather cleaner product to do this. Make sure your boots are completely dry before moving on to the next step.

Step 2: Apply leather conditioner

Choose a leather conditioner that is suitable for your type of leather boots. You can use a clean rag, a sponge, or your fingers to work an even coat of conditioner over the entire leather portion of your boot. You only need to use a small amount of conditioner; too much can make your boots greasy or sticky.

Step 3: Let your boots dry

After applying leather conditioner, you need to let your boots dry naturally for at least an hour or overnight. Do not expose them to direct heat or sunlight as this can damage the leather. You can also use a soft cloth to buff up your boots after they are dry for extra shine.

Step 4: Waterproof your boots (optional)

If you want to add extra protection against water and stains, you can apply a waterproofing spray or wax to your boots after conditioning them. Follow the instructions on the product label and test it on a small area first before applying it all over your boot.


Applying leather conditioner to your boots is a simple and effective way to keep them in good condition. Leather conditioner helps to moisturize, protect, and enhance your leather boots by preventing them from drying, cracking, and fading.

All you need to do is clean your boots, apply a thin layer of conditioner, let them dry, and optionally waterproof them. By doing this regularly, you can enjoy your leather boots for years to come.

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